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Rap to practice/learn Subject Pronouns and “Ser” conjugation

septiembre 27, 2010
Yo Soy, Tu Eres from paulino brener on Vimeo. Yo soy Tu eres Usted, El, Ella es Nosotros somos Vosotros sois Ustedes, Ellos, Ellas son Ellas son (I learned this from my dear friend Kika from Iowa. Thanks Kika!) If you want to emphasize singular and plural use one finger for singular and all fingers for plural. I think I used one finger for… continue reading at Paulino Brener

Nestor keeps making (global) news!

septiembre 22, 2010
A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about Paraguayan author Nestor Amarilla. It has been amazing to see how the news about his nomination to the Nobel Prize in Literature have spread all over. We truly live in a global village. I will share here a few links. They are not in any… continue reading at Paulino Brener the first “Kindle friendly” twitter client!

septiembre 21, 2010
Not long ago I started to follow, connect and interact with @yearlyglot, curious about his ambition to become fluent in a language in one year.  I am still intrigued about his method(s) and I am looking forward to read more about the development of this project. But also I became intrigued by his talents in other… continue reading at Paulino Brener