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“cara a cara” – face to face – (english subtitles)

septiembre 30, 2007

I am testing and experimenting with video editing using Adobe Premiere.
I tried the split screen with the crop video effect and I also played with subtitles. Because the quality of the original audio was not very good I used voice over but I need to practice more with that.
In general the result is not perfect but I am quite satisfied with this first experiment. I don’t have video editing training and I am learning all this on my own.
I welcome feedback and suggestions.
Is the middle line too evident? How do you make it disappear?
Is there any good trick to help the actor (me in this case) do each part of the dialogue so that it syncs later? Mine is a little off.
Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions!

paulino brener

Video For Everyone

septiembre 26, 2007

This is an excerpt from an article called “Video For Everyman” by Christopher Lawton on the Wall Street Journal on September 26, 2007 (page D1)
And my name (Paulino Brener) is there! 🙂
I speak so highly about the Flip Video Camera. May be Pure Digital Technologies Inc. will send me a new one! Since now I am kind of their unofficial spoke person 🙂

Yet Another MN State Fair Video

septiembre 25, 2007

Yet Another MN State Fair Video

Hello world!

septiembre 25, 2007

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